Adventure and outdoor activities

SWEDEN and the rest of the NORDIC countries offer some of the best, spectacular and scenic landscapes for all types of ADVENTURES and OUTDOOR activities from hiking, biking, skiing or paddling to many more.

Whether it is just a stroll on one of the beautiful walking treks, a few days long walking or biking tours, a pilgrimage walk or a week-long paddling adventure, you are always guaranteed to find something that will excite you. 

From dark, dense primeval forests, historical and archaeological monuments to the beautiful and spectacular rapeseed fields, witnessing stunning and beautiful landscapes regardless of the route you choose.

At your pace and rhythm, you can enjoy any type of activities, taking you along scenic paths to the villages filled with local craftsmen and shops.

Choose from one of our existing packages or let us put together the trip for you, we will reserve your accommodation, transfer your luggage and organize your transfers to the start of your itineraries.

Included in our trips is a complete itinerary with detailed information and highlight visits along the way.

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