Smart cities

Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries have high ambitions when it comes to sustainability and are all aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050.

To achieve these, the Nordic countries are using cutting edge technologies for sustainable urban development in improving energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and increase the well-being of their citizens. They do so by efficiently interconnecting different areas of the cities, such as management, economy, mobility, environment, energy, supply, health, security, among others, that leads to sustainable and better new services.

Stockholm has been named the smartest city in the world, thanks to its innovative solutions on the environment, digitalisation, and social sustainability. The city wants to become climate positive by 2040, which would make Stockholm the first in the world.

In Norway Oslo is going all in with electric cars and plans for all vehicles in the entire city to go electric by 2025, also as part of the city’s target for becoming carbon neutral by 2050, other smart projects are already well underway, including zero-emission construction sites and retrofitting existing buildings to develop circular waste management and green energy systems.

While in Denmark, smart city Copenhagen is a living laboratory. The city is testing smart technologies to handle the challenges of urbanization and climate change, that are also implemented in other cities too, using smart technologies to help improve the physical experience of the cities.

Six cities from Finland are part of the “6Aika programme”, in Finnish that means “6 cities”. They are Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Tampere, and Oulu. A joint project in a sustainable urbanization strategy, supported by the European Cohesion Policy, from smart mobility, health and well-being, circular economy, and energy efficiency to the educational sector as well as several employment projects.

We help companies, organizations, or educational institutions to come and learn what the Nordic countries are doing in developing or transforming cities into becoming Smart and sustainable.

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